Curriculum & Activities - Library



 Time - 4 weeks

 Maximum Loan Amount - 2 books. This is subject to change depending on assessment tasks and previous loan history.

 Student ID cards are used for borrowing resource/s.

 The Library aims to please all readers. It has a wide variety of well-known authors, series and relevant reference material. Students can make appropriate requests  for books/series they would like the library to purchase.

  Library Computers

 Students using the library's computers are expected to follow the school's rules regarding computer usage. Failure to do so will lead to suspension of internet  access rights.

 Printing Services

 Students are able to access black and white and colour printing.

 Black and white printing: Is 7c per page and students are allocated 30 cents per month from the school. 

 Run out of print money: Students are required to pay $1 to the front off and the amount will be added to their printing allocation.

 Colour printing: Is an additional cost for students. The cost for colour printing is 75c per side per page. There are no IOU's for this service.

Services Provided in the Library

Study Access

 The Library is open until 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon.

 On Monday, Thursday and Friday afternoon's, arrangements can be made with the librarian for students to stay for study until 4pm.

  • Students must have prior approval from the librarian to attend.
  • Students must organise their own transport home at 4pm.
  • Students must have permission from parents/carers to attend.
  • Please use the note provided on the Study Access lin.

Scholastic Book Club

Brochures are made available in the library and office for any other students who are interested. Payments are made online to Scholastics or to the school front office by the due date on the brochures. 

 Scholastic Book Fair

 Each year the library has the Scholastic Book Fair which coincides with Parent Teacher Evening. 

 Students, staff and community members are welcome to come into the library and purchase any of the books, stationary and posters that are on sale.

 Brochures and signage are displayed around the school with the opening hours.

 All sales from the fair contribute to the purchasing of resources for the school library.


 World Book Online ebooks





 What it offers;


  • Ebooks for all ages and subject areas. 
  • Useful resource for assessment tasks.
  • Easy access to locating a specific subject area.
  • Advanced search on keywords of subjects.
  • Browsing of ebooks by age, subject or alphabetical order.

Located in 'Useful Links' tab.

 Click on the World Book Online icon;

Login - ID: berkeleyvc (case sensitive)

 Password: berka (case sensitive)

  • Once the required book is chosen and opened, students can;  
  • Highlight important information. 
  • Make notes about the information provided.
  • Use the web dictionary to find meanings of unknown words.
  • Locate key words by using the magnify glass.
  • Access a table of contents. 
  • Bookmark relevant pages, for easy access when returning later.
  • Some of the pictures are videos and can be watched. 

Hint: If you sign up to your local council library, you can access the online World Book encyclopedias for free - just use your council library card. We highly recommend this.

Student Opportunities

Library Assistants

 Students are able to apply to be a Library Assistant at the beginning of each year. Notices will be put up to advertise these applications.

 Library Assistants have roles and responsibilities to adhere to.

 Library Assistants will be required to have time out of class on rare occasions but only with individual teachers permission.