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 Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community


Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community encompasses the public schools directly partnering Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College.

The schools are:

  • Primary schools – Bateau Bay PS, Brooke Avenue PS, Chittaway Bay PS, Killarney Vale PS, The Entrance PS, Wamberal PS
  • Campuses of Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College – Berkeley Vale Campus, Tumbi Umbi Campus, The Entrance Campus

Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community aims to lead and guide the development and future of Public Education in the Tuggerah Lakes area through a collaborative response to state and federal education policies, departmental strategic directions and identified local need.

A major focus of Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community is to harness, develop, and promote the potential of, and talent in Public Education in Tuggerah Lakes.

A true learning community reflects sound, respectful professional relationships, which focus on teaching and learning through the use of critical friends, analysis of student learning and continuous learning for all. The best learning communities are open, flexible and inclusive of all stakeholders. They promote the worth, impact and importance of the teaching profession.

Although the term Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community was formally launched on Monday 7 August 2006, it has been built on longstanding, strong, collegial relationships between principals and across public schools in Tuggerah Lakes. The step to formalise these relationships reflects the worth of those relationships and the importance of ensuring sustainability in changing professional and community contexts.

We believe that the partnership across the Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community is captured in the wording which appears on our TLLC brochure:

  • Award winning local public schools celebrate diversity through innovative, comprehensive education where every child's needs are respected;
  • Primary and secondary schools share knowledge, expertise and resources to ensure continuity of learning from Pre-school to Year 12 and beyond, leading the state in professional co-operation between schools;
  • Commitment to high standards and student wellbeing is reflected in excellence in academic leadership, cultural, sporting, and technological endeavours;
  • Strong links and respectful relationships between families and the community provide the foundation for the Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community.

We welcome you and extend a personal invitation for you to become involved in the events, activities, purpose, and mission of Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community. It offers exciting and invigorating opportunities for all.

Principals of the Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community

Michelle Dwyer(Bateau Bay PS), Owen Dalkeith (Brooke Avenue PS), Ruth Goodwin (Chittaway Bay PS), Jonathan Moxon (Killarney Vale PS), Mark Rudd (The Entrance PS), Paul Miller (Wamberal PS), Noel Heaps (TLSC Berkeley Vale Campus), Shayne Player (TLSC Tumbi Umbi Campus), Kirrily Harvey (TLSC The Entrance Campus), David Cullen (Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College)

TLLC Purpose


Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community has as its banner statement "United in Excellence, EquitSupports all stakeholders in Public Education in the learning community

Promotes and celebrate all involved in Public Education and their individual and collective achievements

Values and promotes collegiality and collaboration through interdependent professional relationships focused on teaching and learning and improving achievement for all learners

TLLC Mission

Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community has as its mission the Continuity of, confidence in, commitment to Public Education in local schools by all

Major success indicators being the

  • Engagement of representatives of all stakeholders in Public Education in the Tuggerah Lakes area

  • Promotion of Public Education and the successes of all stakeholders

  • Provision of quality, relevant collegial support and professional learning opportunities

  • Provision of opportunities for professional, non-competitive sharing of resources between schools

  • Establishment of s sustainable, semi-formal, collegial group, working together  for the benefit of all – students, teachers, SASS, schools and communities as part of Public Education

  • Obvious commitment and support for Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community functions and activities

  • Autonomous existence of learning community from Principal's professional associations

  • Encouragement and promotion of leadership within the school community

Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community will realise its purpose and mission through the local management of resources and local decision making with a state wide, national, and global context

Major success indicators being

  • Achievement of improved learning for all students, staff and community

  • Quality learning and teaching, delivered committed, accredited professionals form the basis of all decision making

  • Provision of a well-rounded, comprehensive, inclusive education that values and supports the intellectual, creative, physical, social and emotional development of each child for lifelong learning needed beyond formal school years in a global economy

  • Provision of safe, secure, disciplined and quality learning environment where enrolments reflect public confidence

  • Strengthened partnerships with the other government agencies, universities, industry and community organisations for the benefit of all

 TLLC principals' agreement

Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community principals have an agreement called a Memorandum of Understanding which is revisited regularly. The MOU is as follows


This memorandum is to serve as a written undertaking and is made and entered into by the schools, which comprise the TUGGERAH LAKES LEARNING COMMUNITY.

Its major purpose is to expand on existing collaboration and to ensure the long-term sustainability of existing professional relationships for the benefit of all children in schools within the learning community.


This Memorandum recognises the value and benefit of joint collaboration to the Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community as a whole and separately to individual schools.


Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College and its partner primary schools have firmly established professional relationships based on

  • Collegial networks of principals, executives and classroom teachers

  • Shared professional learning with executive meetings conducted jointly

  • Mutual respect, valuing and understanding of each other's strengths and needs

  • Exchange and sharing of information about student achievement and agreement for collaborative action in areas identified through this process

  • Sharing of resources through a firm commitment to improve and maintain these relationships in order to advance the academic, social and wellbeing outcomes for the students, across the sites particularly in the transition years across Stages of Learning 


Basic Principles and Guidelines

  • Recognition and valuing of contributions of individual members

  • Mutual trust and respect and regular communication

  • Close and effective collaboration in areas that particularly affect all members

  • Regular review of the scope of activities

  • Appropriate sharing of administration workload associated with the Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community, its meetings, functions and costs

  • Promotion of an outstanding example of a proactive learning community built on strong collegial relationships and professional learning

  • Maintenance of the autonomy and integrity of individual sites within the framework of the learning community


Responsibilities of Principal Members

  • Meet regularly to plan, implement and review progress in good faith

  • Communicate effectively especially on matters which impact on the community as a whole

  • Contribute to / exchange / share information and resources in a manner which is fair and equitable

  • Support and fund agreed activities including but not exclusively, professional learning (including network meetings),  school promotions and extended opportunities for students

  • Implement and support agreed plans and activities appropriately and inclusively to involve others in the learning community

  • Jointly explore the broadening and extension of all appropriate collaborative activity – eg staffing, cross-campus programs in KLAs / Wellbeing

  • Develop and formalise a collaborative framework that will see shared access to data/information within the principles and values of Public Education

  • Participate in local management of student services and development of an inclusive learning community

 TLLC School Contact Details


The contact details for TLLC schools is as follows





Bateau Bay Public School Ph: 02 4332 8000

Berkeley Vale Public School Ph: 02 43881796


Brooke Avenue Public School Ph: 02 4333 1022

Chittaway Bay Public School Ph: 02 4388 2188

Killarney Vale Public School Ph: 02 4388 1066

The Entrance Public School Ph: 02 4332 2422

Wamberal Public School Ph: 02 4384 1111

Berkeley Vale Campus 7 – 10 Ph: 02 4388 1899


Tumbi Umbi Campus 7 – 10 Ph: 02 4385 6802

The Entrance Campus 11 – 12 Ph: 02 4332 2944