Curriculum & Activities - Central Coast Secondary Schools Mentoring CCSSM

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is the development of a one-on-one relationship where a more experienced person helps a less experienced person achieve their goals.  It is a strategy that has proved successful in supporting young people in a range of ways.

All it takes to be a Central Coast Secondary Schools mentor is a commitment to spend approximately two hours a week in a school-based mentoring program.

  • Do you have a couple of hours in the week to spare?

  • Do you enjoy supporting young people?

  • Then your life experiences and skills could make a
    difference!  You don’t have to be an expert or a teacher to help young people.  The wisdom gained from your own life experience is all that is needed to become a mentor.

To support you as a mentor, CCSSM offers a free training program with an accredited trainer.  The skills you gain will be invaluable to you as a mentor and may also prove to be useful in other areas of your life.

Topics covered in the mentoring course include:

  • adolescent development

  • effective listening

  • role of mentors

  • confidentiality

  • child protection legislation

mentoring_image_1What can mentors do?

  • listen to students

  • assist students with goal setting

  • help students to recognise their strengths

  • be a sounding board for ideas and problems

  • make contact with employers and local business

  • suggest possible courses of action

What mentoring is NOT . . .

  • making decisions for the student

  • taking responsibility for the student’s actions

  • solving their personal problems