Curriculum & Activities - Reading



AVID students are taught to use Critical Reading techniques as a means of breaking down a text. This strategy helps the students to enhance the amount of information and meaning they can extract from a passage.

A number of pre-reading activities can take place before the actual reading of the article. Two examples:

*Prediction - after reading th title and looking at visuals what might the article be about?

*KWL - What do students already KNOW about the subject? What do they WANT to know? What did they LEARN from the reading?

Students mark their text with a pencil. First they number the paragraphs (a small number written next to the first word in each paragraph)

Next they circle the key words associated with the theme/topic of the reading

Students can also highlight vocabulary words they come across that they may not know

Lastly students underline the claims made in the reading by the author or the experts used in the text