Curriculum & Activities - Assessment Task Booklets


Assessment Task Booklets 2017

This Assessment Schedule booklet is designed to give students and parents a guideline as to approximate due dates, assessment task content and task type throughout the year.

Important parts of being successful and engaged in high school are time management, preparation and organisational skills. To assist in developing these skills each student has been issued with a student diary. Please ensure that your student records assessment task dates and information in their diary. 

Assessment is the process of identifying, gathering and interpreting information about learning. The central purpose of assessment is to provide information on student achievement and progress and set the direction for ongoing teaching and learning.

Typically, this process is referred to as ‘Assessment for Learning’ and is designed to enhance teaching and, ultimately, improve learning outcomes for students.


The Board of Studies summarises ‘Assessment for Learning’ for K-10 as:

• an essential and integrated part of teaching and learning

• reflecting a belief that all students can improve

• involving the setting of learning goals with students

• helping students know and recognise the standards to which they are aiming

• involving students in self and peer assessment

• providing feedback that helps students understand the next steps in learning and planning

how to achieve these goals

• involving teachers, students and parents in reflecting on assessment data.


At Berkeley Vale Campus we believe in and adhere to the “Principles of Assessment”.

These are that assessment should be:

• relevant

• appropriate to stage level

• fair

• accurate in providing an insight into student skills

• able to provide useful information to direct teaching and learning

• able to be integrated into the teaching and learning cycle

• able to draw on a wide range of evidence

• be manageable for students and teachers.