The integration funding support program is a targeted support program for eligible school aged students with confirmed disabilities enrolled in a regular class and attending on a full time basis.

Itinerant support teachers provide support for students with hearing and/or vision impairment and their teachers.

In addition, local educational services staff provide support to schools.

regular classes (subject to  standard enrolment procedures)
support classes in regular schools (subject to placement panel procedures) special schools (subject to placement panel procedures
The school principal, in consultation with the school's Learning and Support Team, will assist you to find the right schooling option for your child, taking into account your choice, your child's specific additional learning and support needs and proximity to local specialist services.

Where a child is enrolled in a support class or a special school this is done through a process known as a placement panel.

Use the school locator to find your local school or a support class in regular or special schools


In addition to special classes and special schools, the following services are available in all public schools: 


Students who experience difficulties in basic areas of learning and behaviour are supported through learning and support in their local school.