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CAPA Courses 


Visual Arts provides opportunities for students to enjoy the making and studying of art. It builds an understanding of the role of art in all forms of media, both in the contemporary and historical world, and enables students to represent their ideas and interests in artworks.

What will students learn about?

Students learn about the pleasure and enjoyment of making different kinds of artworks in 2D, 3D and 4D forms. They learn to represent their ideas and interests with reference to contemporary trends. They learn how artists, including painters, sculptors, architects, designers, photographers and ceramists make artworks.
Students learn about how art is shaped by different beliefs, values and meanings by exploring artists and artworks from different times and places and relationships between the artist – artwork – world – audience. They also explore how their own lives and experiences can influence their artmaking and critical and historical studies.


In Music, students learn to perform music in a range of musical contexts, to compose music that represents the topics they have studied and to listen with discrimination, meaning and appreciation to a broad range of musical styles. Studying the concepts of music underpins the development of skills in performing, composing and listening.

What will students learn about? 

In both the mandatory and elective courses, students will study the concepts of music (duration, pitch, dynamics and expressive techniques, tone colour, texture and structure) through the learning experiences of performing, composing and listening, within the context of a range of styles, periods and genres. The mandatory course requires students to work in a broad range of musical contexts, including exposure to art music and music that represents the diversity of Australian culture. In the elective course students are required to study the compulsory topic Australian Music, as well as a number of optional topics that represent a broad range of musical styles, periods and genres.