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Course description

History develops in young people an interest in and enjoyment of exploring the past. A study of History provides opportunities for examining events, people and societies from ancient, medieval and modern times, including twentieth-century Australia.

  • Modern History 

  • Ancient History 

  • History Extension  

  • Humanities (Year 7 and Year 8 GATS)

  • Commerce

  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

  • Aboriginal Studies


What will students learn about?

Students explore the nature of history, how historians investigate the past and the importance of conserving our heritage. Aspects of the ancient and medieval world are studied, including origins and daily life of the ancient world and beliefs and values of medieval societies. The nature of colonisation and contact history is also examined.

Students develop an understanding of significant developments in Australia's social, political and cultural history. They study Federation, the Vietnam War era and the social history of one decade in depth. They examine Australia's international relationships through study of the two world wars and our role as a global citizen. The changing rights and freedoms of Aboriginal peoples and other groups in Australia are also studied.







Geography allows students to develop enjoyment of and interest in the interaction of the physical and human environments. Students will develop geographic knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes in order to engage in the community as informed and active citizens.


What will students learn about?

Global Geography consists of four focus areas in which students learn about the geographical processes and human interactions that shape global environments. They also learn about geographical issues and responses to them, including appropriate methods of citizenship for their management. Students of Australian Geography learn about the interaction of human and physical geography in a local context. They examine Australia's physical environments and communities and explore how they are changing and responding to change. Students also look at Australia's roles in its region and globally, and how individuals and groups are planning for a better future. An important feature of the Australian Geography course is to allow students to become more informed and active citizens.




In 2012 Berkeley Vale Campus created Humanities for all year 7 students. This subject is a combination of the Board of Studies mandatory requirements for Stage 4 English, History and Geography subjects. The philosophy behind this combining of subject is increasing student engagement through the use of integrated units of work incorporating the principles of 4MAT programming. 







Languages - Japanese


LOTE (Language other than English) is a mandatory subject taught in Year 7 and Year 8



Japanese is the language currently taught at our campus.

Students have an opportunity to learn reading, writing, speaking and listening skills while also exploring cultural aspects of Japan.

Students explore different cultural aspects such as festivals, food, music, religion and anime.