Faculties - Science



Science is a mandatory subject to be studied in each of Years 7 to 10, with at least 400 hours to be completed by the end of Year 10. The study of Science is focused on learning through 'hands on' experimentation.

What students will learn about?


Students will be exposed to learning experiences in relation the scientific principles of the physical world, earth and space, living things and chemical processes.

What students will learn to do?


Students wil develop an appreciation of the contribution of Science to finding solutions to personal, social and global issues relevant to their lives now and in the future. They will develop knowledge and understanding of the nature and practice of scientific inquiry and skills related to scientific methods.

Science at BVC


Use the links below to access information regarding the topics completed by each year group at Berkeley Vale Campus. The information is made available to allow parents and carers opportunities to best support their child in their learning.


Please be aware that this information is a guide only and may be subject to change regarding the needs of individual classes and students.


Year 7 Scope & Sequence (pdf 207 KB)


Year 8 Scope & Sequence (pdf 200 KB)


Year 9 Scope & Sequence (pdf 202 KB)

Year 10 Scope & Sequence (pdf 201 KB)