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Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE)

This key learning area involves the study of people, cultures, societies and environments. Studies in this area encompass people and environments (human and natural) over time.

The Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) faculty aims to foster an environment where students develop the skills, knowledge and desire to be well informed and active citizens of the future. A strong emphasis is placed upon building the literacy and numeracy outcomes of all HSIE students by embedding  proven strategies within teaching and learning programs. Through the study of History, students gain an understanding of how past people, places and events have shaped the modern world. Geography enables students to explore the human and physical world and how these interact and affect each other. A strong focus on field work and skill development builds the capacity for our students to become active citizens. All students in Year 7 study the Japanese language and culture during their LOTE lessons to build their capacity to speak in a language other than English. HSIE offers a diverse range of elective options that enhance the skills, knowledge and understanding of our students.