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School Houses

Sport Captains for 2017

Congratulations to Hannah Regan and Bailey Cook, our BVC Sport Captains for 2017.

House Captains for 2017

Congratulations to the following students who were successful in being seleted as House Captians for 2017;

Aquila - Daytona Cahill and Mitchell Allen

Pegasus - Chloe Todd and Jackson Tinnock

Corona - Jacob Hickel and Rachel Gammie

Orion - Chloe McClymont and Connor Penning

Each member of the school belongs to a house named after a constellation visable in the Southern sky. The house names extend the metaphor implied by the school motto: Ad Astra (To the Stars).


These houses are like four school families which may compete in such areas as cross country, swimming, athletics, academic awards, fund-raising activities etc and co-operate in the running of school socials, community visits, school beautification and school publications.

It is hoped that these groups will provide a permanent and continuing family structure within which students can be advised and supported whilst taking part in active decision-making and problem-solving activities within the school environment.














               AQUILA                                                                                                                CORONA                                                                                                                                                                    













               ORION                                                                                                     PEGASUS