Caring For Students - SRE

Special Religious Education (SRE)


Parents/caregivers in public schools have the right to have their children receive instruction in their preferred religious persuasion, where authorised teachers of that persuasion are available.


Special Religious Education (SRE), traditionally referred to as ‘Scripture', is available at the school and is run by an authorised employee from Generate Ministries on behalf of the Tuggerah Lakes Christian Education Board which comprises of representatives from the local  Anglican, Baptist, Church of Christ, Evangelical, Presbyterian, and Uniting denominations.


SRE will run in across all years 7-10 each term. In the times set aside for SRE, students not attending are located in a separate physical space from SRE classes, supervised by classroom teachers and will be completing meaningful activities such as private study and completing homework. 


At any time, you have the right to change your SRE nomination or to withdraw your child from the nominated lessons. A parent/caregiver may at any time notify the school in writing that they do not wish their child to attend special religious education. 


For further details please refer to the curriculum support website: