Caring For Students - Anti-Bullying



Berkeley Vale Campus has a zero tolerance policy and process in relation to bullying.

At Berkeley Vale Campus we do our best to promote positive well being and resilience in students.

If you feel that you or your child is being bullied, the most important step to take is to inform the school about it. We have a process that is based on best practice procedures to deal with bullying in the school.

There is practical information on this site for students and parents on what to do if bullying occurs in the school. This section of the site is divided into 3 areas:

  • Policy and Processes
  • Information for Students
  • Information for Parents

There is also an opportunity to report Bullying online. To report a bully online click on the Skoolbag app which is located on the front page and clikc eForms link.

Separate to our bullying policy is our mediation process. This is aimed at giving students a space and time to resolve disagreements between students. We use mediation when there is no clear aggressor, but rather a resolvable difference between two people who are willing to try and find a solution to their problem.